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botanical medicine dr. eric viegas

botanical medicine dr. eric viegas

Botanical Medicine – FAQs

What is Botanical Medicine?

Botanical Medicine involves the use of plant extracts (flowers, leaves, and/or roots) in various forms (capsules/tablets, extracts, teas, tinctures) to treat various body systems.

How does Botanical Medicine work?

Depending on your specific illness, the use of botanical medicines can help to improve resilience to stress, enhance digestive function, improve immunity, fight infection, relax tension, and help you enjoy a better quality of life. Specific plant extracts are studied for their individual benefits in certain disease states. I take the information from our initial visit and prescribe a botanical extract suitable for your needs.

Will I need to take botanical remedies forever?

The simple answer to this question is no. However, the exact length of time for use of botanical remedies will depend on your own individual response to treatment, relevant lab work, and life stress. Some people will have to take their remedy longer than others, but the goal here is to enhance quality of life and allow other treatment modalities to work in a synergistic way.

Are there any side effects? 

Dr. Eric will inform you of any and all possible side effects of your botanical treatments.

Will botanical remedies interact with my medications?

Interactions between drugs and herbs are possible, but Dr. Eric will work to formulate a treatment plan without the risk of interactions. He will inform you of any theoretical interactions, and if there are any safer alternatives.