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lifestyle dr. eric viegas

lifestyle dr. eric viegas

Tell me about your stress…

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily lives. Through lifestyle guidance, Dr. Viegas seeks to re-establish resiliency to stress in your life. Meditation, deep breathing, and other mindfulness practices will be used in your visits and/or be prescribed for daily use. An emphasis will be placed on spending time in your body, rather than racing from one “to-do” to the next. By understanding your stress and how you react to it, you gain enhanced awareness of your mental-emotional health.

Above all, Dr. Viegas believes strongly in being gentle and kind with yourself. We live in a cultural that rewards constant work over self-care, reinforces body-image issues instead of self-acceptance, and information overload instead of seeking to unplug. Reconnecting with your body will build self-resilience from a place of love and acceptance.

Lifestyle guidance will also focus on exercise, sleep, energy/fatigue, addiction, and other facets of mental-emotional health as they pertain to you as an individual.

For more information on the benefits of lifestyle guidance and nutrition, visit my blog