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nutrition dr. eric viegas

nutrition dr. eric viegas

What is clinical nutrition?

Clinical nutrition involves the use of food and/or nutritional supplements to target specific health goals when dealing with chronic illness. Specific nutrients, when used in the correct dosages, can address symptoms of a chronic illness to enhance quality of life and/or target the underlying cause(s) involved in developing them.

How does Dr. Viegas know which supplements or foods to prescribe?

Dr. Viegas uses a combination of your personal health information, physical exams, lab tests, and evidence-based studies to come up with a personalized treatment plan for your health concern(s). He will work with you in terms of finances and personal preferences when formulating a treatment plan.

Won’t supplements interact with my medications?

Dr. Viegas will use his knowledge of drug interactions, and take into account any adverse effects from the medications you are taking, when informing you of all possible treatment options. Dr. Viegas will also inform you of any nutrient depletions caused by your medications.

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